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MK International Security Consulting is pleased to present a one-of-a-kind security training tour of Israel to law enforcement, military and security professionals from around the world.
This Experience Israel Training Tour provides attendees with an inside look into the security operations of some of Israel's most secured facilities and protected environments and communities.

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Attendees will meet with top Israeli security and law enforcement officials and will learn first- hand how Israel developed and maintains some of the world's best counter-terrorism and security systems.
Some of the facilities and locations visited on this unforgettable tour include mass-transit hubs, airports, seaports, border crossings, government facilities, critical infrastructures, shopping malls, corporate facilities, schools, hospitals, hotels and more.

Marc Kahlberg, former Detective and Police Commander, veteran of over 16 responses to Terror Attacks and the creator of the “Secure Zone Concept” will be your personal guide for the full duration of the tour.

Please contact us for Training Tour dates & schedules: info@mkisc.com

Israel stops upwards of 80% of all terrorist attacks. Learn techniques from us while visiting the sites of some of the most devastating terrorist atrocities the world has known as well as visit the most Holy places on Earth. This is an incredibly unique opportunity and is an invaluable training experience.

A Once in a Lifetime Experience!

5 Nights at the seaside 5-Star Dan Panorama Hotel in Tel Aviv, All Meals, All Internal Transport, All Access Fees to Attractions (Masada, Holocaust Memorial, Yad Mordechai, Lectures, Tour Guides) and a behind the scenes training experience never to be forgotten.

register now for Experience Israel Tour

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